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First In Asia: Marriage Equality Comes To Taiwan

"Everyone's love is equal," declared Taiwan's president, Tsai Ing-wen.

From Africa To Alabama, Men Seek To Control Women's Bodies

An Olympian named Caster Semenya of South Africa has to change her body in order to compete in sports. This ruling represents the legal equivalent of genital mutilation, and is part of a global pattern of men working to control women's bodies.

'Blockbuster' Brings The Movies Of Steven Spielberg And George Lucas To Life

Blockbuster is a podcast that digs into the archives of legendary filmmakers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to tell the story of their early collaboration and friendship through very tumultuous times.

Thinking Out Of The Eco-Box: 4 Ways Amazon, Kroger, Walmart Will Change Shopping

Nearly 25% of consumers would pay more for products that come in eco-friendly packaging, and retailers are lining them up. Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and other major retailers are on a quest to reduce packaging by 2025 or sooner. So what will that future look like?

The Full Story Behind That '80s-Inspired 'Baba O'Riley' Remix In The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer

Season 3 of Stranger Things premieres July 4.

Google Releases New 'Glass' Headset For Factory Floors

Four years after Google Glass's spectacular consumer flop, the company is relaunching a new edition of the product for work.

How AI Played A Vital Role In Non-League Leatherhead FC's Unlikely Playoff Push

At the start of the season, Leatherhead FC had no players and were heading for the relegation zone. IBM Watson helped it transform its fortunes and narrowly miss out on the playoffs

Royalty, Game Of Thrones Influence The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018

Once again, the most popular names for babies born in the United States are Liam and Emma. Those are the findings as determined by Social Security Administration (SSA) data, based on over 3.7 million babies born in the United States for 2018 - the lowest number of births since 1986.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Index Funds

The truth about index funds must be repeated over and over because lies are constantly being told. Index funds are not evil, they are not destroying the markets, and will not blow-up your portfolio. They have outperformed most active investment strategies and save investors billions in fees.

Civic Nation BrandVoice: 5 Things High School Juniors Can Do To Jumpstart Their College Journey

Reach Higher and Collegewise, the nation’s leading college counseling company, enjoyed celebrating with them, and are teaming up yet again to give high school juniors tips on the college search and application process.

Top 5 Online Retailers: 'Electronics And Media' Is The Star Of E-commerce Worldwide

Out of the top five world e-retailers ranked by online sales in 2018, three are from the US and two are from China. The Chinese e-retailers show significantly higher growth rates compared to the US ones.

iQIYI Faces Regulatory Drag

On May 16, 2019, iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ; $19.04; Market Capitalization: $13.8 billion) announced its 1Q19 results. Spin-Off Research, founded by Joe Cornell, has tracked and provided analysis on Spin-Offs since 1997. Spin-Off Research is the market leader in Spin-Off valuation.

How The NFL Draft Would Have Developed If It Used The NBA's Model

The draft order would have changed had the NFL used a draft lottery. Here is the potential impact.

Seven Years After Her Death, The First Posthumous Whitney Houston Album May Be Coming Soon

How much longer will fans have to wait before they get to hear something "new" from Houston?

Stark Differences In New York Baseball Teams Displayed In One Weekend

If you were following New York baseball over the weekend, you could not help to notice the stark differences between the state of the Yankees and Mets in their respective games.

Magic Johnson:'There's Speculation That Kevin Durant Is Going to New York,' Lakers Won't Deal LeBron

Magic Johnson said in an ESPN interview Monday that "There's speculation that Kevin Durant is going to New York" in free agency. Johnson also said the Lakers had no plans to trade LeBron James, and that the team can contend for another title with a couple of free agent additions .

Billionaire Robert F. Smith Pays Off College Loans For Morehouse Graduates And Other News To Start Your Day

The topline of today’s news: Billionaire Robert F. Smith pledged to pay off the college loans debts for an entire class at Morehouse College; Huawei faces being locked out by Google and American suppliers; Ferdinand Porsche's great grandson plans to reinvent the luxury sports car market.

The Lesson From The "Big CPG" Lack Of Success: Scale Can Create A Blind Spot For Consumer Needs

Once bolstered by scale, the size of Big CPG companies has created blind spots for niche consumer needs and underserved demographics. Big CPG has been slow to innovate, and investment in innovation is inadequate.

Chevron, EVgo Team Up To Enable EV Charging At California Gas Stations

Even so, sales of battery-electric models such as the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 have ranged from disappointing to modest, largely because of a shortage of charging stations outside the West Coast and pockets of the East Coast.

Intel Core i3-9350KF Versus AMD Ryzen 5 2600X: What's The Best $200 Processor?

New Intel Core i3-9350K and Ryzen 5 2600X go head to head - what's the best value for $200?