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UFC Nashville Full Fight Video: Watch Stephen Thompson TKO Johny Hendricks

Stephen Thompson faces Anthony Pettis in the main event of tonight's UFC on ESPN+ 6 fight card from Nashville. Before that fight takes place watch Thompson's 2016 TKO win over Johny Hendricks.

How Did Huawei Defeat the U.S. But Lose To Apple, All On The Same Day?

The good news for Huawei is that the EU now seems certain to reject Washington's ban, settling instead on controlled inclusion of Chinese technology in their 5G plans. The bad news is that the company's CFO seemingly rejected its own products in favor of Apple's. Win some, lose some...

Ask Ethan: Why Haven't We Found Gravitational Waves In Our Own Galaxy?

LIGO and Virgo have now detected a total of 11 binary merger events. But exactly 0 were in the Milky Way. Here's why.

Why Leaning In Has Not Worked For Women Of Color

In this article, Minda Harts sat down to discuss her new book, The Memo, which takes a candid look at why leaning in does not work for women of color and how workplace barriers can be overcome.

How Much Investment Risk Can You Take In Retirement?

You can gain valuable insights into the appropriate investment risk to take by looking at your total retirement income portfolio, including Social Security, pensions if you have one, and annuities.

Microsoft And NVIDIA Deliver Intelligent Video Analytics At The Edge

Edge computing is fast becoming the destination for deep learning models running in a stand-alone mode. With video analytics being the most powerful use case for the edge, Microsoft is partnering with NVIDIA to leverage their investments in DeepStream SDK.

Do Bonuses For Teachers Lead To Math Test Score Gains For Kids?

Researchers explored the effects of $5,000 one-time bonuses for high-performing teachers in low-income, low-performing schools in Tennessee on teacher retention and student test scores.

On The Basis Of Sex - Treats RBG's Opponents Like Cartoon Villains

In RBG biopic On the Basis of Sex, Solicitor General Erwin Griswold is portrayed as if he was the master villain in a superhero origin story.

Trump Defenders Underestimate The Mueller Report By Touting No Indictments

Trump defenders are trying to spin the Mueller Report about its not having indictments. But in nine ways, the investigations will go forward.

How To Plan An Elegant Southern Wedding In Richmond, Virginia

Where, when, and how to throw a beautiful destination wedding

'NBA 2K19' : How To Build A Powerful MyTeam Squad Without Buying VC

If you're looking into NBA 2K19's MyTeam but aren't looking to spend a ton of real money on VC, here's how you can still build a great team.

Facebook Reminds Us That Binary Deep Learning Classifiers Don't Work For Content Moderation

Rather than treating everything as a binary classification problem, we need to recognize that some problems require more complex deep learning solutions.

Buy Electronic Arts To Play The Video Gaming Game

For public video game makers, 2018 was the worst of times. Industry executives were blindsided by "Fortnite," a free-to-play phenomenon from Epic Games.

WrestleMania 35: 5 Reasons Kofi Kingston's Rise Is Important To The WWE's Future

Kofi Kingston's story is important to the WWE's then, now and forever.

The Dog That Did Not Bark In the Night: The Danger of Survivor Bias in AI

We should be diligent in recognizing that bias, especially survivor bias, can skew our expectations and give us false models that in turn may exclude or injure people who aren't even aware of their use.

Apple Loop: New iPhone Leaks, AirPods' Boring Update, Radical iPhone Prototype Revealed

This week’s Apple Loop includes the latest details of the iPhone’s wireless charging adventures, Apple’s new FaceID technology, updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini, a tweak to the AirPods, the potential for a new iPod Touch, and a closer look at the iPhone prototype.

What The Mueller Report Will Say

The Mueller report is likely to be a short report pointing the way to further investigations, prosecutions and other actions. It will be, not the end, but the end of the beginning,

House of Hemmerle Exhibits High Jewelry at TEFAF Maastricht

The Munich high jewelry house of Hemmerle presents one-of-a-kind jewels at TEFAF, Maastricht in the Netherlands this week.

Android Circuit: New Galaxy Note 10 Leaks, Samsung's Latest Problem, Exciting OnePlus 7 Features

This week’s Android Circuit includes specs of the Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Fold’s crease problem, latest OnePlus 7 details, Nokia 9 vs a cat, the budget Pixel name, Google’s gaming plans, Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2 gaming phone, and choosing your Android browser in the EU.

Arrivederci, Tesla -- A New Crop Of E-Car Makers Swerves Into View

Tesla shares are out of favor, again. This time, it’s because the electric car/solar power/save-the-planet company is beginning to be valued like an automaker.