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World's Best-Selling Light Business Plane HondaJet Beats Rivals With Radical Design

By far the most innovative feature of this new aircraft was its radical over-the- wings engine mount design which delivers unprecedented mileage, low drag and minimizes noise and vibration.

David Byrne Bestows 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' Upon The Web

The new wave icon's "tonic for tumultuous times" went live on Saturday.

Alton Brown Chats About Pressure, Self Doubt And The Creative Process On Good Eats: The Return

Rediscovering the persona that he called “the better part of me that I want to live up to” in shooting Good Eats: The Return was an interesting process for Brown.

Science And Storytelling On Alton Brown's Good Eats: The Return

I caught up with Brown on the phone to chat about how entertainment, technology and his own vision of himself has changed since the first show.

Tropical Storm Dorian Could Become A Hurricane In The Caribbean Next Week

Tropical Storm Dorian could grow into a hurricane by the time it reaches the Caribbean early next week.

After Daniel Jones, Duke Turns To Harris

Despite a formidable schedule, quarterback Quentin Harris will prove a capable replacement for a Duke Blue Devils' team depleted by graduations.

Error In The Trademark Office Over Tom Brady's Trademark Application

A very substantial percentage of trademark applications are refused in the first examination. Refusals of trademark applications could be based on a finding that the public would likely confuse the new application with a previously existing application or registration.

Stop Reading the Tea Leaves and Build a Better Workforce

The jobs report matters but it shouldn't dictate your hiring strategy. Meghan M. Biro offers the 6 key strategies that will get you better hires no matter what the tea leaves say.

Microsoft Issues New Windows 10 Update Warning

Microsoft has warned Windows 10 users they face new problems...

China Places Libra Next To Alipay and WeChat Pay -- And It Could Change The Game For Bitcoin

China’s “endorsement” of Libra recognizes that the relationship between cryptocurrencies and national currencies isn’t a zero-sum game.

The Normalizing of Burning Man Culture

Burning Man has become more accepted

'Dragon Quest XI' On The Switch Looks Surprisingly Decent

What with a new a demo now out for 'Dragon Quest XI' on the Switch, it holds up surprisingly well against the PlayStation 4 release.

The Best Things To Do In Dublin

Here are the top things to do in Dublin, the home of Guinness beer and the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. These activities will suit history buffs, art lovers, foodies and revelers.

Deep Fakes Are Merely Today's Photoshopped Scientific Images

Far from a hopeless world of undetectable falsification, the rise of deep fakes is likely to mirror the rise of Photoshopped scientific imagery: troublesome, but with an ecosystem of automated and human approaches rising to counter it.

Pilates Essentials: The Best Workout Clothing And Gear For Beginners

Clothing and other essential gear for Pilates beginners to ensure a fun, safe and efficient workout.

An Alarmingly High Rate Of Chief Marketing Officer Departures According To Spencer Stuart Study

Spencer Stuart, a leading executive recruiting firm of C-level marketers, provides insight on the number of CMO position changes (defined as departures and hirings) across U.S. companies in 2018.

Apple Just Gave 1.4 Billion iPad, iPhone Users A Reason To Leave

A stunning report reveals the extent to which Apple was eavesdropping on its iPhone and iPad users...

Dangerous MacBook Pro Banned From Flying As Owners Demand More Details

Following the FAA’s reminder to airlines that recalled MacBook Pro batteries must not be carried by passengers, the issue remains clouded with confusion for those affected, amplified by a lack of solid communication from Apple.

Netflix’s ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Gets A Trailer, Story And Release Date

The Breaking Bad movie is real. It's on Netflix. It comes out soon. Here's the trailer, story and poster.

NFL Trade Rumors: Jadeveon Clowney And Others Stars Who Could Be Traded Before Week 1

NFL trade rumors are heating up ahead of the start of the regular season. Could the likes of Jadeveon Clowney, A.J . Green and Trent Williams be traded?